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Dancing Snow
Thank you—and see you for the 2020 World Paddling Film Festival!
Thanks to everyone who joined for the first-ever-in-Japan Paddling Film Festival. Not a huge crowd, but some great paddlers and some really positive feedback. The films were really interesting, even for non-paddlers. In fact, the most popular film, Junk Paddle, was more about the importance of wood in our lives, and people's interaction with nature.
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Hope to see you early next summer for the 2020 Festival! Keep watching here for more news (and you can always contact us at info@dancingsnow.com if you have questions or comments. Be sure to check our Facebook page too.

See us if you need a new wire!
The BOA closure system found on snowboard boots, our Tubbs snowshoes, boots, golf shoes, running shoes and a whole lot more is a tough, clever way to get tightly into your footwear. Boa
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The wires can break (apparently the twist unit can get bashed to death by some of you mad tree bouncers)—although it doesn't happen that often. If it does, just come by Dancing Snow. We've been trained, we have the parts (which are free), and we can get you back in pristine form and ready to head back out on the hill. The labor will be affordable, too—just buy a beer and relax while we rethread the wires! (or a coffee, or a new BCA avalanche transceiver. We aren't fussy). Let us know if we can help!

Lots of fun stuff for the snow
Dancing Snow is here to guide you up into the mountains, but we're also ready with a variety fo things you'll need to be safe and have fun when you're traveling in the hills:
  • Topographic maps of the area, with English key (above; so you know which hill is which!)
  • BCA snow safety gear: beacons, shovels, probes, airbags
  • K2 skis, poles, boots
  • K2 goggles—now 30% off!
  • Tubbs snowshoes
  • Fits ski and hiking socks
  • Ultra-light Blue Ice ski-use harnesses
  • Myoko-original items from Maruni Jeans
  • Get your new skis!
    Ready for some new skis just right for the Myoko snows? You can get those shiny new boards right here at Dancing Snow!

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    K2 Pon2oonWe can get you set up with all the skis from K2 and Line, put on the bindings of your choice, get them waxed and ready and hold them here for you until you come to visit! We can also ship around Japan as well.

    And, if you like, we can also store your skis right here in Myoko for you over the summer. We’ll put on a thick summer wax to protect the edges and bases, store them, then have them ready for the coming season. Just contact us at info@dancingsnow.com if you'd like more information, or want to place an order.

    We also carry the full line of BCA snow safety equipment, K2 and BCA poles, helmets, skins, Tubbs snowshoes, and some fun Myoko-original clothing and goods in our center.

    Dancing Snow is a BCA Snow Safety Center
      BCA logo Dancing Snow provides sales and rental of beacons, airbags and air cylinders from BCA, the premier manufacturer of snow safety goods. Float 32 airbag

    The air cylinders for Japan are different from those for Europe and North America, meaning they can't be filled in the country—so just rent a cylinder, or a complete Float airbag system, for your stay in Myoko. Let us know well ahead on the airbags, though, so we can be sure and have one ready for you.

    Snow Reports
    The latest from our snow study plot and findings on the hill. Things were getting long here, so find reports both new and old on our Facebook page. We're always looking to hear from you about what you find out on the hill! The more information we have and can share here, the better, more accurate and more informative it will be!

    Head for the hills!
    Everything from light trekking to climbs to some of Japan's finest peaks

    On an autumn hike to Mt. Hiuchi
    The area around Myoko may be most famous today for its heavy snowfall, but it’s been a favorite mountain escape for many years. At the center of it all is, of course, Mt. Myoko, one of the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan, the source for the hot springs in town — and a great peak to climb!

    But it’s not the only member of that list; in the immediate area are Mt. Hiuchi, Mt. Amakazari and Mt. Takatsuma, all in the 100-Famous-Peak list. Also interesting are Mt. Kanna, Mt. Kurohime, Mt. Togakushi, Yake-yama, Gongen-dake and many more smaller or lesser-known peaks; all have their own unique characteristics and appeal, and we visit them all.

    If you don’t feel like going all the way to the peaks, we also can guide you on the countless interesting paths further down, some with great views of the mountains, some exploring deep in the woods and valleys of the area.

    Exploring the Myoko area
    Hikes in the area
    Get out for Myoko's fall colors
    The weather is getting cool (so it's nice out on the trails!). And with each cold snap, the mountains begin to glow in the reds and yellows of autumns. Time to head out with Dancing Snow for our schedule of hikes and treks in some of the best areas all around our area.

    Take a look; if you're interested, want more information or want to make a reservation, just email us at tours@dancingsnow.com.

    September 30-October 1: Overnight tour to Mt. Hiuchi
    The big views you'll get up high at the base of Mt. Hiuchi makes this one of the finest places for fall colors. This is also one of the best climbs in the area, with the chance to see flowers, birds (including raicho, the rock ptarmigan whose northern limit is Mt. Hiuchi) and animals and mountains with almost no visible human touch. Departure from Dancing Snow headquarters around 8am; stay that night at Koya Ike Hutte. Minimum two people; ¥35,000/person, ¥30,000/person if four or more.

    October 7-8: Overnight tour to Mt. Hiuchi
    Same as the first tour, and possibly the alternative if we see rain coming on September 30-31.

    October 15: Mt. Madarao day trip
    A hike with beautiful views of Lake Nojiri, the Mt. Myoko peaks, Mt. Kurohime and beyond. Starting at the trailhead around 10am, the climb for a hot lunch on the peak. If rain looks likely, October 14 will be the date. Minimum three people; ¥10,000/person.

    October 21: Togakushi Trekking Tour
    A one-day tour in this beautiful, historic place (also known as a "power spot"... So you'll have plenty energy for this fun, light hike). The course takes us from Hokosha, a shrine set out in the woods below the magnificent peaks, up to Okusha, the top-most shrine set right into the mountains. On the way, the tours stops at two more of the five shrines of Togakushi—Hinomikosha and Chusha— and passes by Kotori ga Ike (small bird pond) and Kagami Ike (Mirror Pond) on the way to Okushya. We'll enjoy a hot lunch and the great views of Mt. Togakushi at Kagami Ike. If it looks too rainy, we'll go on the 22nd. Minimum of two people, ¥13,000/person.
    Please read and understand the following before taking part in a tour:

    1. Depending on weather, snow, rain, wind, surf and other conditions, tour destinations may be changed, or the tour cancelled. In extreme conditions, return from the tour may be delayed.
    2. Backcountry skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, canoeing and other activities involve the risk of injury or death. Because of this, we require all guests to sign a waiver before taking part in our activities (a pdf version can be found here). At the same time, our guides have training in wilderness first aid, weather forecasting, avalanche forecasting and rescue, and are dedicated to providing the most enjoyable, safe, well-planned experience possible.
    3. Every Dancing Snow client is automatically included in our group insurance policy at no additional charge (please contact us if you would like more details on coverage). We also strongly suggest that all those taking part in backcountry tours have their own active insurance policy which covers outdoor activities.

    Note on personal information
    We do ask for personal information including telephone numbers, emergency contacts, chronic medical conditions (so we can be respond quickly in an emergency), etc., as part of registration for lessons and tours. To protect your privacy, we will not use this information for anything other than this purpose, nor will we release any personal information to any third parties.

    Five-Day Forecast

    Wind, waves and more

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