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Spring skiing tour time is here! Take a look at the big events, and remember that we're always ready to plan a trip just for you!
Tateyama Spring Tour
Sun, white snow, big mountains, great onsen, and lots of skiing....
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We're heading to Tateyama and a stay at the Raicho-so hotel. Spring is great in this big Alpine bowl, with tons of places to go, and some great times even when the weather goes bad (which happens way up in the Alps). We've got room for 12, so be sure and reserve early: just drop us a mail and let's head out for one of the great trips of the season! It's not powder, but huge slopes and great corn snow.

Hone your avalanche safety skills
The BCA Beacon Park is ready for people to practice their beacon and probing skills!

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The BCA Beacon Park features a remote control so you can select any one of 8 units buried out in the snow. Use your beacon just like you would in an actual avalanche emergency; follow the signal (or search for a distant signal until you pick it up), follow to the "victim," then use your probe. If you hit, you'll feel it and the control unit will let you know with a loud beeping noise. It's a serious job, but learning should be fun—and it's free (battery donations are accepted!). The staff will also help you out for a very small fee. If you don't practice, you won't know what to do if the unthinkable happens—and avalanches do happen.

See us if you need a new wire!
The BOA closure system found on snowboard boots, our Tubbs snowshoes, boots, golf shoes, running shoes and a whole lot more is a tough, clever way to get tightly into your footwear.
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The wires can break (apparently the twist unit can get bashed to death by some of you mad tree bouncers)—although it doesn't happen that often. If it does, just come by Dancing Snow. We've been trained, we have the parts (which are free), and we can get you back in pristine form and ready to head back out on the hill. The labor will be affordable, too&madash;just buy a beer and relax while we rethread the wires! (or a coffee, or a new BCA avalanche transceiver. We aren't fussy). Let us know if we can help!

Get your new skis!
Ready for some new skis just right for the Myoko snows? You can get those shiny new boards right here at Dancing Snow!

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We can get you set up with all the skis from K2 and Line, put on the bindings of your choice, get them waxed and ready and hold them here for you until you come to visit! We can also ship around Japan as well.

And, if you like, we can also store your skis right here in Myoko for you over the summer. We’ll put on a thick summer wax to protect the edges and bases, store them, then have them ready for the coming season. Just contact us at info@dancingsnow.com if you'd like more information, or want to place an order.

We also carry the full line of BCA snow safety equipment, K2 and BCA poles, helmets, skins, Tubbs snowshoes, and some fun Myoko-original clothing and goods in our center.

Dancing Snow is a BCA Snow Safety Center
  BCA logo Dancing Snow provides sales and rental of beacons, airbags and air cylinders from BCA, the premier manufacturer of snow safety goods. Float 32 airbag

The air cylinders for Japan are different from those for Europe and North America, meaning they can't be filled in the country—so just rent a cylinder, or a complete Float airbag system, for your stay in Myoko. Let us know well ahead on the airbags, though, so we can be sure and have one ready for you.

Snow Report
Stay tuned for that first snowfall of the 2018-2019 season! You can also look a the archive of our previous reports.

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