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Tracker2 ソフトウェアアップデート推奨案内
Dancing Snowにて無料アップデート手続き受付中

この度、BCAは世界で最も信頼できるツールの一つであるTracker 2トランシーバーのソフトウェアアップデートをリリースすることを発表しました。このアップデートでトランシーバーの低電力モードが期待されます。

これはリコールではなく、アップデートも強制ではありません。しかしアップデートをすることで、トランシーバーの最高の機能を発揮するでしょう。  アップデートはBCA公認のガイドセンターDancing Snowにて無料で行うことができます。

もっと見る / 閉じる

もしユーザーが12時間以上充電無しでTracker 2の電源をオンにし続けた場合、自動で低電力モードに切り替わり、電池を温存します。低電力モードに切り替わると、2分ごとに機械音が鳴るようになります。電池を温存するだけでなく、電源を入れたままの状態で収納してしまった時に音で知らせる役割も果たします。 ほとんどの人は朝やトレイルを始める時に電源を入れて、1日の終わりに電源を切るので、この機能を使うことはないと思います。しかしながら、低電力モードへ切り替わった時のパルスが、稀にですが国際的標準と違ってしまうことがありました。ある社の一機種とのシグナル受信に不具合が 生じ、いまだこの件に関して幸い事故や問題は起きていませんが、Tracker 2のユーザー全員に必要なアップデートだと思います。

ご不明な点、ご質問がありましたら当社Dancing Snowまでご相談ください。
メール: sales@dancingsnow.com

お手続きは、ショップまでご持参いただくか、またお使いの運送会社から着払いでTracker 2を送っていただくことも可能です。無料でアップデート、返送まで行います。

詳しい内容はこのリンクの プレスリリース Q&Aをご確認ください。

Dancing Snow is a BCA Snow Safety Center
  BCA logo Dancing Snow provides sales and rental of beacons, airbags and air cylinders from BCA, the premier manufacturer of snow safety goods. Float 32 airbag

The air cylinders for Japan are different from those for Europe and North America, meaning they can't be filled in the country—so just rent a cylinder, or a complete Float airbag system, for your stay in Myoko. Let us know well ahead on the airbags, though, so we can be sure and have one ready for you.

Our approach
You don't have to be a mountaineer to have a great adventure in the hills.

If you're pushing your own abilities, testing yourself and trying new things, you’re having an adventure—even if it just means getting on skis for the first time ever. (Or your first descent from a 2,000-meter peak in 50cm+ of fresh snow—face shots or face plants, laughing all the way down.)

Our goal is to help you find a new adventure, right here in the beautiful setting of Myoko. We love being out here, and showing our guests some of the best places to play in the snow. Myoko is a pretty mellow and fun place—with lots of snow—and our approach is likewise to have fun, to enjoy the great scenery and slopes, and make some new friends from around the world. And, of course, to do it safely.

Dancing Snow was founded at least in part to answer the needs of an increasing number of international travelers, while also welcoming Japanese guests as well. In fact, some of our favorite tours in recent years have been with groups combining all kinds of people—it's amazing how quickly people start speaking both Japanese and English!

We welcome Alpine/AT/randonée skiers, telemarkers and snowboarders for all our tours. Snowshoe and light Nordic skis for our hiking courses.

For tours, we really focus on going to local peaks and skiing down. We don't do sidecountry (skiing directly off the lifts). One course has minimal hiking, but it's up and away from the ski area. A lot of countries have had to decide how to handle skiing in the trees, etc., and change is definitely coming to Japan. But as part of the local community, Dancing Snow, like our other local guide friends, have agreed to hike up for our skiing down. In Myoko, the climbing is what we find more fun, and more rewarding.

If that sounds good to you, too, we're looking forward to climbing with you!

For snow hiking, anybody's welcome—we'll go as far as you feel comfortable, and make sure that our lunchtime break is something that you'll enjoy.