The first snow up high; a new website; and Japan opens up!
It's been two quiet seasons up here in Myoko; I kinda let the website sit during the heavy Covid period, even though I know I needed a responsive website (so all you mobile and tablet accessors can easily see what we're up to). Suddenly, though, we have snow at the top of the mountain (the shot above, and bigger as one of the rotating images at the top). That first snow (even though it will soon melt) is always exciting — and, add to that the fact that Japan is finally opening up to international travel after two years, and it's to do something new!

So I'm uploading the start of our new website, that's been in mind, if not in coding, for some time. It's just the top page for the moment, but the rest is coming soon (and it may be a bit buggy in the meantime, too—responsive design gives you all kinds of screen sizes to drive you crazy!). In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about ski tours, snowshoeing, BCA snow safety courses and more, please send a note to

Snow Report
This is just a sample from last year for the moment, but we go out daily to our snow plot to measure snow depths (24 hours and the total for a storm cycle), snow forms and snow weight, then combine this with data from our weather station to give a daily report on what's going on in the snowpack. It's not an avalanche report, really, because we're not going to tell you it's safe to go out (although we will make a note when it's not safe out there). You can't make a decision based on one day's weather, or just by digging a snow pit. You need a longer perspective; we want to help by providing an ongoing data source (also posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages).
Join us to explore Myoko
Dancing Snow has something for every adventurer, from hiking in the woods for complete beginners, to big descents from area peaks.

You don't have to be an expert skier to enjoy your own backcountry adventure with Dancing Snow!

Backcountry doesn't necessarily mean the ultra-steep slopes and narrow chutes of ski videos; if you're ready to have fun in the snow, we have something for you (and there are some steep and challenging runs out there, too!). In fact, we really enjoy giving people their first experience in the backcountry.

Start by sending us an email about what you'd like to do; we'll do our best to arrange a program to make it happen.

Tell us a bit about your experience, whether you're a boarder or skier, and what you'd like to do. Please let us know at least a few days in advance, so we can arrange everything needed, and get together people with similar interests and skills. Also, we keep our tour groups small for both safety and more fun.

What we do

red box  Backcountry tours
  • Our main activity is touring to the many local peaks, for those who have experience in the backcountry, or have good powder/tree skiing experience and want to go all the way to the top. Please note that we don't do sidecountry touring — skiing directly off the lifts. Climbing is too much fun, and you often have the hill almost entirely to yourself!
maize box  Snowshoe and ski hiking
  • Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Myoko backcountry, even for first-time explorers. A stroll through the snowy woods, hot lunch on a snow table (even a little wine for those who wish). Hiking on light telemark skis also available.
dark blue box  Snow safety
  • In our BCA-certified courses, our CAA Level 1-certified, BCA Advisory Pro guide can get you thinking about what it means to go into the backcountry, give you some basic tools and approaches, and get you used to using your "avy eyes" before you head off into untouched snow. BCA has long been one of the innovators in backcountry education and research; this is a practical course designed to apply this knowledge in a fun and practical way. The backcountry is great, but your knowledge of the risks is key. One-, two- and three-day courses available.

  • BCA Beacon Park: come and practice your avalanche skills on this unique, realistic facility.
blue box  Multi-day tours
  • In spring (and sometimes in the fall, too), we head out into the Myoko backcountry, and to places like Tateyama, Oze and even Mt. Fuji. We'll have some of these listed on our tour schedule, and we'd be happy to tailor-make or suggest a tour for you and your group.

Spring to autumn
green box Hiking and trekking
  • Hiking on area trails
  • Climbing to local peaks
  • Overnight climbs, with stays at mountain huts
skiy blue box Sea kayaking
  • First experience on Lake Nojiri, or on the Sea of Japan (depending on waves, wind)
  • Day tour: exploring the rock gardens and caves of the Sea of Japan coast
  • Multi-day tours: Awashima Island, Sado Island, Noto Peninsula, Wakasa Bay, etc.